“He was in such a terrible condition. But he was still fighting and he was still hanging on,” Shannon said.

She took him to the veterinarian right away, brought him home, and started to nurse him back to health. He was really afraid during his first few days at home, but he was eating, which was vital. The fact that he was willing to eat was such a positive indicator.

He finally allowed Shannon and her sons to cuddle him after a week. They could see he was thrilled and finally felt secure.

But once he started feeling better, it was quite clear that he was such a sweet little guy.

As more time went by, his entire coat grew back, silky and lovely. Additionally, he began to play with her other dogs. The dog was extremely fortunate to not only survive, but also to find a loving permanent home.

You may watch the video below to see how attractive he is today and to learn more about his motivational tale.