A puppy’s life should be filled with adventures, playtime, and lots of snuggles. But Fig had to grow up fast when he was rescued. He was so thin he could barely stand up or walk when he was rescued. Immediately after the pup was put into the rescuer’s car, Kendall thanked the woman for her kindness.

Fig touched Kendall as they sped to the emergency veterinary facility because she sensed her affection for her. He gestured with his legs out and paws in her hands as if to say, “Thank you.” Straightaway, Fig was transported to the emergency veterinary clinic.

Fig was given a bath and IV fluids as soon as he arrived at the clinic. Despite his low vitality, Fig was kind and affectionate to the workers and desired for their attention. Fig was fit enough to move into a medical foster home in a week. He was 25 pounds, but when he met his new buddies, he wagged his tail.

I want to express my gratitude to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and Jersey Pits Rescue for saving Fig’s life! It’s incredible to see how he’s changed!