Hey dog lovers! Do you believe that loyal dogs always engrave the image of their owners in their hearts even if their owners, for some reason, couldn’t keep them? And how many years have gone by, they are still happy and joyful when they meet their owners again. They would rejoice, hug or cry like a baby. They just miss their humans so much.

This is a heart-touching story that happened in China. A golden dog burst into tears when he first met his owner after 5 years apart.

When this golden dog was just a few months old, he was adopted by a young man who was accepted to work in a foreign company with an ideal salary. He lived happily with his owner in an apartment. He was very smart and learned very quickly. He loved greeting his owner every night he got home from work.

Just like a loyal friend, he always sat quietly and patiently listened to his owner every time they confided. He was in tune with his owner, and they both built a strong bond that is inseparable. 

Unfortunately, the dog’s happy life with his beloved human ended after three years. The man faced a lot of difficulties at work because his boss was frigid. His family needed a substantial amount of money so he had to spend all the money he has to support the family. Because of that, he conflicted with his girlfriend, and they broke up. The man became depressed and lost all will to work. He later lost his job and was unable to afford his life. In the end, he resorted to making a hard decision: Gave the dog to his friend and moved to another city.

During the first few days of moving to the new house, the dog refused to eat. Luckily, he adapted to the new living environment and started eating again.

In another city, the owner’s life was back on track again. In the Lunar new year, he decided to visit his friend and see how his dog was doing.

When the dog spotted his owner, he did not bark. Slowly approaching his old owner, the dog wrapped his arms around his owner’s legs and began to sob. The dog’s actions touched the heartstring of everyone in the room. His owner remained silent out of regret. He felt so bad because he didn’t take good care of his best friend and abandoned him.

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