In a series of heartbreaking photographs and video, an extremely frightened puppy waits outside the door for her ailing father to return home. The heartbreaking minute demonstrates one again how dedicated these beautiful animals we name pets can be!

Katie Snyder inherited Leia when the sweet German Guard was a puppy. But, like any other pet dog, Leia enjoys spending time with her grandparents, so when her mother took her to her parents’ house, Leia was overjoyed.

It was intended to be a brief stay, but Katie’s father and Leia had other intentions.

Katie’s parents’ joy almost turned into a headache. They were out for supper when Katie’s father became quite unwell. Later that evening, he was called to the hospital, and his partner was sent home. Everyone was obviously concerned about the man’s medical condition, but Leia was by far the most devastated.

However, Katie and her mother first realized how strong the bond between Leia and her grandfather was when the man was compelled to stay at the hospital overnight with his favorite hairy close friend unable to accompany him.

Though she has a strong personality, as is typical of German Shepherds, Leia enjoys being spoiled by her grandparents. Perhaps that’s why she linked with them in such a spectacular way.

“Leia is not our normal cuddling pet dog since she is highly independent,” Katie explained to the Dodo. “However, she likes everyone of her folks in their own way.” Whether it’s by lying next to you during movie night or sitting outside the toilet door waiting for you to go.”

Thankfully, Katie’s father arrived home the next day, and Leia couldn’t contain her delight when she saw him. Although Katie’s plan had been to leave Leia at her parents’ house for a few months, when she witnessed the relationship they had, she simply elected to make the stay permanent.