Although they are far from always lucky, tricolor cats are said to bring good luck.
On the side of the road, in the grass, was a tricolored kitten that was still pretty young. Rarely did anybody pass by on the road that followed the woodland, and automobiles passed at a reasonable speed. The kitten wouldn’t have managed to get up here by itself. The infant was soaked, had practically little energy left, and it was very difficult to see the crumbs on the grass.

She drew the girl’s attention by chance when she just caught sight of a colorful area on the gray grass. The infant wanted to approach the girl after spotting her, but after taking a few steps, she just fell to the ground. The cat tried to meow for assistance, but she lacked the power to do so; instead, she only opened her lips slowly.

When the girl lifted the kitten to check her, she saw that one of its front paws and one of its back paws were disobedient. It’s possible that the owner’s refusal to care for the girl is the reason she ended dumped beside the road.
Maybe there is no connection between individuals and bad luck; perhaps she was just unfortunate because she happened to be next to a forest, even if her coloring should be favorable.

In the end, the baby still smiled luck. The kitten was put in a carrier and taken to the veterinarian by the girl. The physicians diagnosed fractures in the front and back paws after taking photos. The animal was operated on by sticking a needle in its paw so that it could still move.

The physicians delayed the operation on the second paw because they thought the baby wouldn’t be strong enough to handle two procedures back to back after the operation on one paw took two hours.

The young lady was given the name Marusya. A second check revealed that the second paw would not need to be operated on because it had already started to grow together on its own. The baby’s stunning tricolor coat ultimately brought her good fortune.