When construction workers pulled what they believed to be a dog from an icy river, they discovered it was actually a wolf.

When the three men who were working at the Sindi dam on the Parnu river discovered the animal, it was trapped by the freezing weather in Estonia.

Shortly after, they pulled the frozen animal to shore and wrapped him in a blanket. The men placed the dog in their vehicle and headed to the local clinic.

On the way to the clinic, the men commented on how affectionate the dog was and it even cuddled in the lap of one of the men. They did not think anything of it and just thought the dog was thanking them for their help.

After the vet examined the animal he told the rescuers that they had actually saved a wolf. The rescuers couldn’t believe what they heard. The animal’s blood pressure was extremely low, which could explain why the wolf was so docile. A local hunter confirmed that the animal was a wolf.

For safety reasons, they placed the wolf in a cage and continued his care. When the wolf was finally recovered completely, after receiving medical attention to restore its health, the wolf was released back into the wild in fine shape.

Additionally, researchers from the national environmental agency implanted him with a GPS collar.

The Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals (EUPA) paid for the wolf’s treatment and said, “luckily, everything turned out well”. EUPA also issued a statement thanking the rescuers.