In this very amazing clip, a mother gorilla and her young child enjoy a tender moment. According to how fast this mother-baby duo unites after their first encounter, it is more than true that the love between a mother and her kid is the most potent force on Earth.

In the National Zoo of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., a Western Lowland gorilla lovingly cuddles her newborn baby boy. The 15-year-old gorilla Calaya gave birth for the first child, making the event even more emotional and unforgettable for everyone at the zoo. Nevertheless, nobody was let down since Calaya and her darling baby Moke quickly won over everyone’s hearts. Lingala, which in Lingala means “little one,” is the name of the infant.

His son received a barrage of kisses and hugs from Calaya as she cradled him tenderly in her arms to convince him that he would always be loved and cared for. Every birth is a momentous occasion since the Western Lowland Gorilla is a critically endangered species that is unique to Africa.

Meredith Bastian, curator of primates at the Smithsonian Institution Zoo, described the birth of the western lowland gorilla as “very amazing and historic” for both the institution and the species as a whole. Our aim was to provide Calaya with the greatest possible foundation for success because she is a first-time mother. Both Calaya and the zookeepers have my full approval.

Watch the adorable moment here: