It would be a great idea for anyone who is afraid of flying because it would take their mind off of flying.

Having this cute dog to keep you busy on a flight makes the time go by quickly.

Everyone loves the thrill of their first flight. It is a great feeling to be up in the air and look at the clouds.
But it looks like we were wrong, because when this Huxley puppy got on the plane for the first time, he did not seem to care about anything.

The Golden Retriever puppy decided to make the boring area fun for himself because he did not like having to sit still and his mother did not give him the attention and fun he wanted. Then Huxley moved away from his mother and sat next to a person in the front row.

He sat in that chair for 30 minutes. The man next to him said he was a nice traveler, and the man across the aisle took a selfie with him. Everyone loved him because he was so cute.

Huxley, on the other hand, found out that his mother had opened a food while he was sitting down. Huxley stuck his nose between the chairs, stuck his tongue out as far as he could, and made the cutest, silliest faces he could think of in order to get the chips.

His funny face made everyone in the room laugh. Who would not love a dog that was so cute and tried to make everyone laugh during this long, boring, and tiring flight?

After this trip, Huxley may think differently about flying because it does not seem as bad as he thought.

At least he will not kick the back of your seat, as children always do🙂

You would have loved to have been on that plane ✈️ We think there should be a cute dog like him on every flight! What to go Huxley❤️

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