In a certain location in Africa, by the side of a street, there was a dog covered in flies, having given up on life. Due to a lack of nutrition, the dog no longer had the strength to stand up. The surroundings emitted a foul odor, and the scene was filthy. People around were afraid to approach, fearing the dog might transmit diseases or the like.

Finally, a kind-hearted man came forward and shooed away the flies from the dog’s body. He then found a piece of cloth and gently carried the dog to a clean and tidy place. The man’s actions were delicate and tender, evoking a sense of heartache. The dog, limp and lifeless, resembled a lump of flesh.

The personnel from the rescue station arrived and placed a sheet over the dog. Instead of immediately feeding the dog, they first allowed it to drink some water. The sequence of actions warmed not only the dog but also everyone around, including myself.

After a few hours, the dog seemed to gather enough strength to stand up. They quickly fed it a little food, and signs of life began to flicker in its eyes. The dog kept gazing at the rescue personnel, as if confirming their role as its newfound foster parents.

With months of careful nurturing, the dog made a remarkable recovery. It goes without saying that when someone cares for a dog, it learns to cherish life. It is the love and care it needs.

Did the dog kiss and play with the staff? Just a month ago, it was on the verge of leaving, but now it thrives with vitality. It’s truly thought-provoking to witness such a fragile life becoming so resilient when supported with love.

Finally, when the staff felt the dog had made sufficient progress, they began to let it roam freely. Although it occasionally returned, it had found a reliable and loving owner, and the days of happiness seemed to have arrived.

Give a little love to a dog, and they can bounce back. Just like humans, treating them well spreads love. Follow our WeChat official account, “Stray Dog Rescue Station,” where drops of love form families and provide homes for stray little lives.