The Director of the Regina Humane Society, Bill Thorn, recounted Jax’s condition upon arrival as being noticeably emaciated, suggesting that he may have been without a home for some time. To remedy this, the shelter provided Jax’s with the necessary nutrition to sustain his well-being.

Jax’s a long-term resident of the Regina Humane Society who had been eagerly seeking a forever home, but was repeatedly overlooked by prospective adopters. Despite Jax’s exceptional qualities, his kennel remained unoccupied, leaving the staff at the shelter disheartened. However, they remained determined to fulfill Jax’s wish of finding a loving home.

There was still no interest in adopting Jax. The staff suspected that Jax’s loud barking whenever someone approached his kennel might be off-putting to potential adopters. Thorn explained that Jax was a friendly dog who simply craved human interaction, but his behavior was often misinterpreted by visitors.

On March 3, 2023, Jax’s long-awaited dream was fulfilled when he found his forever home. In honor of his departure from the shelter, the staff organized a special send-off for Jax, gathering in the front area to bid him farewell. What they didn’t anticipate was Jax’s heartfelt goodbye to each member of the staff, making his departure all the more emotional.