Merely was skin and bones and also badly wounded, he’s taken in by an angel and given his first meal in so long.

A poor stray pup’s body was giving up on him after getting injured. The only thing left for him was to wait for death to come. He was starved and totally desperate.

Vehicles continued driving by, but nobody wanted to assist this helpless animal. Finally, a kind person decided to pull over after noticing that the dog was in distress. He saw a large wound on the dog’s back as he got closer.

The rescuer took him immediately to a local animal shelter, which provided food and water for the dog and also was given medication for the fleas and his wound. Thankfully his guardian angel was there for him at the perfect time.

The starved pup ate his meal so fast as he thought that he will never eat again. But that’s not the case for him anymore.

The shelter’s team took very good care of the pup. They kept his wound clean and gave him antibiotics. Days after the wound started to heal and the dog was better than ever.

He was up for adoption and quickly had a new foster family with another rescue buddy. At the very end the little dog is in good hands and doesn’t have to worry anymore!