For five years, Sergeant Jason Bos and Cila, his K9 companion, served in Iraq. Together, they completed 100 operations, some of which involved working with the secret service and others involved finding roadside explosives.

The lovely chocolate labrador, Cila, was not with the sergeant when he returned to the United States after retiring in 2012 due to a back ailment.

Sgt. Bos was grieving, sad, and unsure of when he would see his closest buddy again.

After two years, Sgt. Bos didn’t stop thinking about his Cila. But when Bos realized Cila was also preparing to leave her job, fate stepped in.

The American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue flew Cila from Germany to Chicago so she could meet up with sergeant Jason Bos.

The moment Cila hears Sgt. Bos’ voice, she immediately knows it.Pay attention to how she responds when she hears him call her name.