While the world celebrates world puppy day, some parts of Nigeria are reeling in the pain of one that was murdered, not a puppy but a pit bull. The dog was shot in Cooperative Villa Estate.

Animal cruelty has been living in our community for a while now, killing animals, using their skin for leather making, and also chasing them off for security reasons. Quite understandably, but; When a dog is shot thrice just for wandering into your vicinity, what do we call that?

This was the case of #roxie, shot thrice for wandering into a house at a cooperative villa estate, in Lagos.
The owner shared the tragic story on her social media, her Instagram, with her handle name
queen_xtelle, she said:
Two nights ago, Roxie broke out of the cage, wandered off, and lost her way home(first time ever)We looked everywhere but couldn’t find her and so we informed the estate security just in case they find her. The next morning, we got a call from the estate security saying they found our dog.

Apparently, she went into someone’s compound and passed the night there. Not like she harmed or attacked anyone. My brother got there only to be told the estate law states that if a dog is found wandering, they should kill it. Really???

We’ve been living in the same estate for over two years, no one mentioned this barbaric law before now. My brother pleaded with them to release the dog to him but they refused. Roxie got scared and hid when she saw men with weapons coming to attack her. These evil men shot my helpless dog thrice in the neck all for what? Cos she strayed? They shot her in presence of my brother and when she ran towards my brother for help, they chased him away what sort of wickedness is this? If she was aggressive, she’d definitely attack before and after the shot. But you all can see clearly in this video that my poor baby was fighting for her life I’m so broken

Do you know how much I’ve spent training this dog? Do you know how costly it is to feed a bingo in this economy? Talk more of an American bully Asides from the money, effort, time, and resources wasted in training this dog, this dog was a member of my family. She was an emotional support to us all and you shot her just like that? My heart can’t take this I’ve never felt any pain like this before

I can’t let this go. I will fight with everything I have even though I know I may not get justice cos this is Nigeria I need people to know that dogs are worth more than animals who bark. I need these perpetrators to PAY. Please help me repost and tag anyone you know that can help this post go viral. I need justice for my Roxie Link to the video shared on Instagram below.

SOURCE: guardian.ng

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