Mia is just like any other lively six-month-old puppy, bursting with energy and curiosity as she explores the world around her. As part of her journey in understanding the ways of this new life, she is undergoing crate training.
Occasionally, Mia might need to spend some time in her crate or playpen, but she has already managed to find a clever way to break free from both!

One day, as Christina Rosado, Mia’s mother, was preparing to head out, she suddenly remembered she had forgotten something inside the house. Upon re-entering the kitchen, she was met with an unexpected sight – Mia, the culprit, was caught red-handed attempting to make a swift getaway, their eyes meeting in a moment of mischief.

The little dog was perched on the edge of her playpen when she realized that the fun was coming to an end! 

The expression on Mia’s face speaks volumes, doesn’t it? She may have missed the mark this time, but she’ll definitely have a new strategy for next time!