When Dr. Karri, an experienced veterinarian at the “Vet Ranch” animal clinic, saw Violet, a small puppy with several bite marks and purple fur, she was utterly terrified. According to Violet’s owner, a larger dog mauled Violet when she surrendered her for euthanasia.

The purple fur, according to Violet’s owner, was brought on by a purple wound spray that was applied to her soon after she was mauled. Violet’s wounds, however, festered for weeks due to medical negligence, bringing her closer to passing away.

In this informative video, Dr. Karri walks us through Violet’s exacting medical treatment. Violet had a challenging recovery process as the veterinarian uses strong analgesics and drugs to treat her numerous illnesses and abscesses. Violet has at last passed the septic stage after 12 days of watchful observation!

The dog’s happy run at the conclusion is all the more enjoyable because of Violet’s initial depressed and hopeless attitude. She finds it difficult to contain her smiles of appreciation when in Dr. Karri’s arms.

Violet was adopted as soon as she was completely recovered. She resides with her new mother Kelly and Peanut, a Jack Russell puppy of the same size as her sister. Thank you, Dr. Karri, for making Violet’s life more tolerable.

The video below shows how great of a miracle worker Dr. Karri is for Violet!