Afamily’s reaction to their long-lost dog returning back home has had the internet in tears after the pet’s owners shared the emotional video on social media.

The viral clip, shared on TikTok earlier in October, by the dog owner under the username Morganjonesmessina, shows a security camera recording and attached audio. The family can be heard screaming with joy as they see Sadie, their lost dog, returning back home.

Further down in the comments, Morganjonesmessinae explained that her mother, who owns the dog, owns a farm with over 60 animals, and loves them all the same way.

According to American Humane, each year about 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of them end up in already overpopulated animal shelters.

Only about 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats that are in shelters without ID tags or microchips are reunited with their owners.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), when your pet goes missing the first thing you should do is to look around your house and neighborhood, including any garages and sheds, to exclude the possibility they may have accidentally locked themselves inside.

You should also alert local animal control agencies, veterinary hospitals, shelters (both municipal and private), and rescue groups in your area, and it’s a good idea to also post about it on social media, and ask friends and family to share your post or page.

It’s also important to create a “lost pet flyer” and post it all around the area, including in dog parks and runs, pet supply stores, pet grooming shops, veterinary offices, various commercial establishments, and other good high-traffic spots.

The viral clip has attracted many animal lovers from all over the platform, receiving over 630,600 views and 85,100 likes so far.

User Ingrid Dinsmore commented: “I love people who love their dogs as much as any other family member. So happy for you!” And Kevin Sullivan said: “How much did I cry? Yes.”

Another user, Cindy Mobley392 wrote: “We had a [dog] missing for a week, when she found her way home she was crying coming up the driveway! It was pitiful! She was skinny, But she made it!” And Stephanie Taylor- Hu said: “omg this made me cry. what an amazing moment for this family!!! so glad Sadie is home safe!”

Another user, foxinan3 joked: “The dogs like you weren’t even looking for me I had to find my way back you don’t even know what I went through.”

And Chelsea Mendez said: “Thank god she found her way back home !! They are our babies, without my dog, I’d feel so empty. Congratulations on having your baby back!”


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