The Duchess of Sussex’s rescue dog Guy, a beloved beagle who has lived with the royal couple in both the UK and the US, made a sleepy appearance in her 40th birthday video with actress Melissa McCarthy. However, he didn’t seem too pleased about being disturbed from his nap on a luxurious grey-and-white striped pillow. In the video, Meghan Markle and McCarthy discuss a new campaign to support women reentering the workforce. As the conversation gets more lively, Guy glares at the camera with a look of annoyance, clearly not thrilled about being woken up.

A heartwarming sight was captured as Guy, the lovable rescue dog, was caught napping on a cozy grey-and-white striped pillow. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle can be seen in a video unveiling the 40×40 campaign, designed to empower women to re-enter the workforce, coinciding with her milestone 40th birthday.

As the royal and the Bridesmaids star’s discussion heats up, the rescued pet, which the royal initially saved during her time on the TV show Suits in Toronto, awakens and shoots a disapproving look at the camera capturing the lively conversation.

Hello there! In the middle of the two-minute video, the beagle is fully alert and appears quite displeased as he gazes directly at the camera.

By the halfway mark of the two-minute video, the beagle is fully awake and appears quite grumpy. It’s no wonder that Guy, who accompanied the Duchess of Sussex to Kensington Palace in 2017, made an appearance in the clip. He has been a constant companion to the royal ever since she rescued him while residing in Toronto during her time on the TV show Suits.

Found abandoned and facing euthanasia in a Kentucky ‘kill shelter’ in 2015, Guy was given a second chance at a better life when volunteers from an animal charity arranged for him to be transported to Canada for an adoption event. It was there that the actress noticed him and decided to take him home immediately. His remarkable rescue story even inspired a book called His Royal Dogness in 2018.

Since then, Guy has been living the good life. He was even seen traveling to Windsor with none other than the Queen herself before the royal wedding in 2018. In the latest video, he is lounging on a luxurious grey dog cushion with a stylish £1,240 Hermes throw blanket draped over one of the cream cushioned chairs nearby – perhaps a subtle nod to Prince Harry with the prominent letter H featured on the blanket.

With big smiles on their faces, Meghan and Melissa share a cheerful moment in the fun birthday video shot at the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in California.

Hey there! Melissa McCarthy, shooting from her fabulous Hollywood residence, switches outfits halfway through the video to match Meghan’s royal status. Cheers!

In the opening scene, we see a tranquil Guy taking a nap on a large cushion placed on a woven sisal rug in the couple’s exceptionally stylish home office.

While the Duchess gets more lively during her birthday speech, sharing laughs and jokes with Hollywood star McCarthy, Prince Harry is having a good time outside. In the midst of the fun, the dog lazily half-opens his eyes.

The charming presence of a beloved pet adds a warm touch to the beautiful home office of the couple. Today, as the Duchess of Sussex celebrates her milestone birthday, she introduced a new initiative aimed at supporting women returning to work. In a video shared on the Archewell website, Meghan, appearing for the first time since welcoming daughter Lilibet, was joined by actress Melissa McCarthy to launch the ’40×40′ campaign. The campaign urges people worldwide to offer 40 minutes of mentorship to women rejoining the workforce, addressing the challenges faced by women during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meghan enlisted the help of 40 well-known figures, including singer Adele, poet Amanda Gorman, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, and designer Stella McCartney, to contribute their time to mentor women in their communities. During a virtual call in her Los Angeles home, Meghan outlined her vision for the initiative, encouraging acts of service that can create a positive impact. Melissa added humor to the conversation, suggesting extravagant birthday celebrations while Prince Harry was spotted juggling in the background, bringing laughter to the call.

On her 40th birthday, Meghan received well-wishes from the Queen, Prince Charles, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, showing a unified front despite recent tensions. Fans of the couple, known as the ‘Sussex Squad,’ have organized fundraising efforts for charities supported by Meghan, such as One25 in Bristol. The video call also provided a glimpse into Meghan and Harry’s home, showcasing a sophisticated study area with personal touches like copies of Meghan’s book and elegant décor.

While the laughter on the TV show carries on, the family pet decides to abandon its quest for sleep and instead fixates its gaze directly at the camera.

The duchess invited a group of 40 activists, athletes, artists, and world leaders to join her in supporting women re-entering the workforce. She unveiled the project during a light-hearted Zoom call filled with laughter and jokes.

In one scene, Melissa McCarthy surprises her best friend, Melissa, with a ‘besties forever’ poster and asks if she wants to return to their favorite show, Suits.
The video was released shortly after the shocking news that Prince Harry is writing a memoir set to be published next year. This book aims to provide a comprehensive insight into his life experiences, adventures, and lessons learned.
Reports suggest that the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William were caught off guard by the announcement.
Despite not seeking permission from Buckingham Palace to write the memoir, a spokesperson mentioned that Prince Harry did not feel the need to consult with the Palace about the project.
This latest development comes in the wake of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s candid interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, where they made allegations of racism within the Royal Family and shared Meghan’s struggles with mental health during her pregnancy.
As anticipation builds for the release of Prince Harry’s book, concerns arise that it may overshadow the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations marking her 70 years as Monarch.
Meanwhile, recent birthday posts suggest that the Royal Family is striving to maintain a unified front amidst the ongoing tensions.
Meghan Markle’s video also offers a peek into her stylish California study, showcasing her desk adorned with healing crystals, English tea and biscuits, and a large stack of copies of her book, The Bench. A luxurious Hermes ‘H’ blanket seen in the background adds a personal touch to the space, perhaps a nod to Prince Harry.

Glass bottles for decoration
Meghan Markle gave fans a sneak peek into her California home with Prince Harry in a special message for her 40th birthday. Speaking from her chic study, viewers were treated to a view of her grand oak desk adorned with copies of her children’s book and elegant white file in-trays. Her beagle, Guy, lounged on a luxurious dog cushion as Meghan sat on a cream chair under a Hermes throw blanket, possibly with Harry’s initial.
Refreshingly, Meghan had a tall glass swing top bottle of water and two glasses on her desk, perhaps a nod to her son Archie’s love for staying hydrated. During a light-hearted moment in their Oprah Winfrey interview, Meghan shared that Archie’s first word was ‘hydrate’, contradicting Harry’s claim that it was ‘crocodile.’ Additionally, the room was adorned with beautiful white flowers for added charm.

Front and center on the desk, nestled between two chic white in-trays, sits a magnificent gold vase filled with a generous bunch of large white roses. The Duchess has a known affinity for these blooms, as evidenced by her previous gift of a lavish bouquet of pink roses to her friend Jessica Mulroney. The choice of white roses is fitting with her neutral color scheme, as they are often associated with weddings due to their symbolism of purity, youthfulness, innocence, young love, and loyalty. The paper organizers on the desk bear a striking resemblance to the white wood ones from Threshold, available at the American department store Target for an affordable price of £7.83. Adjacent to the flowers is a silver picture frame, likely showcasing a photo of Archie, with three additional grainy black and white photos in a connected frame nearby. One of these photos captures Harry kissing a baby, while another potentially features Meghan cradling a young child, possibly the first image of Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. The Sussexes have chosen to keep their daughter out of the public eye since her birth two months ago at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, where she entered the world as eighth in line to the throne. Archie, too, has remained out of the spotlight since his parents’ decision to step back as senior royals in March of last year, with the most recent glimpse of him released for his second birthday in May showing him with his back to the camera.

Right in front of the flowers, a shining picture frame is visible, which upon closer inspection seems to hold a photo of Archie. Connected to this frame are three more grainy black and white photos, with one in the middle showing Harry kissing a baby and one on the right possibly depicting Meghan cradling a young child – possibly the first glimpse of Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Stacked neatly in front of the camera’s view was a large stack of 11 copies of Meghan’s latest children’s book, The Bench. These special edition hardbacks are noticeably larger than your typical book. In a message expressing gratitude to readers after it achieved New York Times bestseller status, the Duchess mentioned that the book explores a different aspect of masculinity.

Positioned prominently in the camera shot was a sizable stack of 11 copies of Meghan’s latest children’s book, The Bench. Meghan expressed on the Archewell website that the book, initially inspired by her family, has struck a chord with readers worldwide due to its messages of love, diversity, and inclusivity. Despite this, the book did not make it onto the UK Official Top 50 chart, selling only 3,212 copies in its debut week, losing out to Marcus Rashford’s self-help book.

Next to Meghan was a luxurious cream chair that seemed to sport the letter ‘H,’ possibly symbolizing Harry’s name. On closer inspection, it became clear that Meghan had artfully draped an exquisite Hermes throw blanket over the chair, priced at a hefty £1,240. Crafted in Scotland, the Avalon III throw is made from jacquard-woven wool and cashmere, finished with blanket stitch, and available in shades selected by Meghan to complement her neutral and earthy decor.

At first glance, next to Meghan, there was a cream cushioned chair with what seemed to be the letter ‘H’ as part of its design, possibly in reference to Harry’s name. However, upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the Duchess had placed a luxurious Hermes throw blanket, priced at £1,240, on the chair.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared that they have a collection of crystals scattered throughout their Montecito home. During a recent conference call, keen-eyed fans noticed a celestine crystal in the background.

Beside a stack of copies of the bench, there is a large white crystal that is considered a ‘master healer’ – fitting for a new mother. This crystal is believed to enhance energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it, as well as aiding concentration and memory.

Meghan is known for her interest in spiritual practices like meditation and yoga, which she shares with her husband. She has previously spoken about the healing properties of crystals, showing her belief in their benefits.

Next to her pile of bench copies, there sits a big, white crystal known as a ‘master healer’ – a fitting choice for a new mother. And let’s not forget about English tea and biscuits.

They might have relocated from the UK to America, but Meghan has fully embraced one British tradition – enjoying tea and biscuits.
On a stylish silver tray with gold handles sits a beautifully patterned black and white teacup and saucer, along with a matching plate holding a delicious chocolate treat.
The crockery set is from the renowned English brand Twinings, known for its Burleigh Black Regal peacock collection, hand-decorated with an oriental bird motif at Middleport Pottery in Andover, Hampshire.
While each teacup and saucer is priced at £30, unfortunately, it is currently sold out.
7. Cozy up to a stone fireplace.

The Italian villa-style residence of the Sussexes boasts multiple expansive open stone fireplaces, with one particularly standing out as the most magnificent. The impressive fireplace is hidden behind intricately carved iron doors, indicating that it may not be used regularly, especially in the warm Montecito summers. However, there are soot marks above it, suggesting it has provided cozy warmth during winter evenings.

In addition to the grand fireplace, the mantelpiece holds a black and white print of a bear cradling the state of California with the words ‘I love you California’. This print is a nod to the state’s official anthem, which was first published in 1913 and later adopted as the official song in 1951, reaffirmed in 1987.

Lastly, a luxurious dog cushion adds a touch of comfort and elegance to the Sussexes’ home, ensuring their furry companion can relax in style.

In Meghan’s 40th birthday address, her beloved beagle, Guy, made a sleepy appearance on a large grey-and-white striped pillow. As Meghan’s conversation became more animated, the camera caught Guy being disturbed from his nap, giving the camera a disgruntled look.
Guy, who now resides at Kensington Palace with Meghan and Prince Harry, was rescued by Meghan from a dire situation just days before being put down. A Dog’s Dream Rescue, the shelter in Toronto that saved him, recounted how Guy was found wandering in the woods in Kentucky in 2015 before being placed in a ‘kill shelter.’
And in the background, Prince Harry can also be seen juggling, adding to the lively family moment captured in Meghan’s birthday address.