The old owner could not afford to take care of the Golden dog so he had to give him away. When the dog met him, he broke down with emotion at the dog’s response.

Many people’s tears have been dried by a recent story shared on Sohu, China. When he was just out of high school, the man was fortunate to be hired by a foreign company with an ideal wage. He used his own money to rent a house and adopt a golden retriever.
The Golden Dog was only a few months old when he came to his new home, but he was quite intelligent, and the owner only had to educate him a few times before he was able to learn on his own. As a result, the man develops a strong attachment to this small puppy. However, the fact that the dog is so friendly and appears to comprehend what he is saying makes him love it even more.
When he gets home from work every night, the little puppy always greets him as soon as he opens the door to the house. When he’s angry, the Golden retriever becomes a “buddy” to whom he may confide and a modest spiritual comfort. I’m not sure if the dog understood what he said, but he patiently sat down to listen to his emotions every time.

“Storms” hit after three years of tranquillity. His employer is extremely cold, and his loved ones require significant amounts of money. If life went on like this forever, “good days are very short and not unpleasant.” His plans to marry the girl he loved for many years were also shattered when the money he had saved was spent on treating his loved ones. Both events were caused by a short message.

Unexpected waves and wind blew into his house, causing him to fall into a deep depression. Being shocked by the love story, he was unable to get up. He had lost all motivation.
Since he was unemployed, he could not afford to rent a whole house and continue living in the city.

He had no choice but to move to another city and share a room with a friend in the end. However, as a result of the sharing, he is no longer qualified to care for the Golden dog in the same manner as before. Despite his protests, he ended up giving the puppy to a buddy.Because he couldn’t afford to care for him, the man had no choice but to give the Golden dog away in order for him to live a better life. Photo courtesy of Sohu.

A friend of his described how his Golden dog stopped eating for several days after moving into a new house. The pal tried contacting him at that time but failed. Fortunately, the Golden dog began to adjust and eat again around three months after moving.

After 5 years of hard work, he began to feel more settled in his life once again. This year on the Tet holiday, he stopped by to see how his friend’s beloved Golden Retriever was doing.

The owner is taken aback by the dog’s behavior.When the Golden Dog spotted the man, he did not bark as he usually would, but instead approached him slowly. The dog appears to have grasped that the old owner had raised him, as he wrapped his arms around his legs and began to rejoice and cry nonstop.

Everyone in the room was moved by the Golden Dog’s reaction, but the guy remained silent in regret. He felt bad for neglecting and abandoning the dog years earlier.

Dogs always remember their owners who used to show them so much affection, no matter how much their life changes with a new owner and how much better it gets, no matter how long they are apart.

Thus, be sure not to give or sell your dog to anyone else, because they will miss you and be heartbroken.

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