Love was a foreign concept to Puddin after being brought into this world. She was neglected by her owners to the point where an eye infection took her eyesight.

Fortunately, she was rescued from her Texas home and taken in by the Culture for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas

However by then, she was completely blind and required both of her eyes eliminated. Despite her disability, 22-year-old Cory Gonzales fell in love with her.

” When I saw Puddin online, I immediately loved her ears, of all things. The day after I met her, I returned in and adopted her! I believe we both really feel so blessed to have met each other,” Gonzales said.

Although Puddin doesn’t have her view, she is still an extremely pleased dog.

She is caring and affectionate, and can always be found sniffing around. This is since she heavily relies on her sense of smell to make up for her lack of eyesight.

She’s constantly putting things in her mouth and likes to play fetch with balls and bells.
Puddin’s dad said he has actually been in awe of her progress.

” She has truly discovered just how to use her feeling of smell to run, play, find her toys. Also quit herself from hitting things. It’s really amazing to watch,” Gonzales claimed.

” Within the house, Puddin has developed her own little system to assist keep herself secure. She reminds me of a fish because her ears or whiskers will gently brush across something and she’ll whip around truly fast like, ‘I’m going to strike something.’”.

Gonzales claims he has actually also taught Dessert the phrase “watch out.”.
So, she knows that when she listens to that she will run into something.

She still has a few things to work on, like being okay around guys and loud noises.

Puddin’s persevering personality has actually also won her a lot of doggy friends. However loves her father the most.

In addition to her doggy buddies, Puddin also has fans. She has more than 173,000 followers on Instagram.
There were likewise greater than 28,000 people who watched Puddin’s story, which was included on Cuddle Buddies’ YouTube page.

“The fantastic aspect of animals is that they don’t see themselves as handicapped. Puddin sees with her heart,” one commenter wrote.

” I love that mouth!!! She has an amazingly expressive face considering that she has no eyes,” said another.

“‘ However look at her ears.’ Well, there you have it. We can always find something wrong. However we can always locate something right. So many things right with this sweetheart,” and another.

Gonzales says that Puddin’s life has transformed, and she is now an extremely pleased pup.
“She is 5-months-old now, and the method she has adapted to her new life is amazing,” he said.

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