The poor picture of the poor dog with the scabs being shunned and left alone outside the convenience store looks pitiful.

Dempsey, a 7-month-old puppy, abandoned by his owner outside a store in Georgia, was rescued and recovered quickly. The Pitbull relief organization Friends to the Forlorn (roughly translated: Make friends with abandoned dogs) was notified of Dempsey’s case two and a half weeks ago. At that time, many passersby saw the mangy dog ​​tied up outside a grocery store, but no one dared to approach it. Meanwhile, its owner has since disappeared.

Initially Dempsey was taken to Dekalb County Animal Services for examination and first aid, then the center contacted Friends to the Forlorn, based in Atlanta, to pick up the poor Pitbull. Dempsey’s lead volunteer was Stacey Greenwald, who took him to the medicated bath and gave him antibiotics. According to Greenwald, who has been helping dogs for seven years, the most important medicine is dedication and love, and Dempsey doesn’t hesitate to take that. So in just 3 weeks, Dempsey’s condition was clearly in remission. Until last Sunday, Dempsey had completely “molded” into a new dog. From a mangy, miserable dog, now Dempsey often runs around, runs around with his fellow friends and is very friendly. It can be said that Dempsey is the most prominent dog among Greenwald’s 30 pets.