Need some affection? When you hug a dog, everything improves! They are highly devoted creatures that love without conditions. They also make us quite happy, especially on days when we’re feeling down. creates insightful stories.

Dogs frequently respond quickly, and they frequently display their happiness in extremely humorous ways, as shown in this video.

Dog owners will likely be familiar with this circumstance. Your dog will be overjoyed to see you again when you return home from a trip—whether it’s a vacation or simply a work trip—without your favorite pet.

The man in the video below had been on vacation for 10 days, which is obviously not very long for most people, but was too long for his dog!

He was picked up by one of his pals at the airport. He had really brought the man’s dog with him, so he wasn’t alone.

The moment the dog hears the sound of his master, he jumps out of the open car window and runs to his beloved master – and tells him that he really missed him in his own language!

Watch the adorable video:

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