Certain animal actions truly leave you in complete silence. Fortunately, there are now a plethora of additional methods available for capturing or documenting noteworthy occasions and occurrences worldwide. Furthermore, spreading them around is now quite simple. And this is the situation with Mao Mao, a stunning Labrador dog, about whose unique conduct we will talk about in this post. Here in the vast Chinese metropolis of Yichang, this little puppy has stopped hundreds of people in front of the television dumbfounded.

The Labrador and his owner have already traveled around the world . What happens to the story’s two protagonists? When his human mom gets off the bus on her way home from work, which might be in the evening or even very late, she has to walk a stretch of road without lighting. She is entirely in the dark and must return home alone.

Her parents used to visit her to provide companionship throughout her travels. The Labrador has become more and more used to Mao Mao after years of care. The girl pretends to be a reporter for her family when word gets out from a distance that she is getting off the bus. Then, using a flashlight to meet the girl in the dark, the family began letting the dog go outside.

The wonderful relationship that owners have with their furry closest friends is beautifully illustrated as one witnesses Mao Mao pick up his loving human and take care to guard her till she gets home. Above all, it’s amazing to see how often this “relay” is checked and performed.

The road ahead is narrow and has no lighting. But Mao Mao has long since evolved into the mistress’s favorite friend. Her parents only need to approve Mao Mao’s pick-up of her every evening with a message.

After being let out of the house, the Labrador obviously doesn’t go around. At the stop, he appears to the girl as a real flashlight—complete with a shining collar. Actually, to make itself noticeable, the dog is furnished with bright lights that are connected to a collar. Mao Mao continues to perform this lovely daily duty for the darling human, and there is no greater defender.