The majority of women have an unwavering love for their kids and would sacrifice anything for them. The unconditional love of a mother was demonstrated by one dog.

When a stray Greyhound was discovered walking about with a broken leg, rescuers quickly recognized why she was battling for her life: she was a mother.

The mama dog, now named Vera, was in horrible shape. Aside from her broken leg, she was also starving and extremely emaciated.

Vera, a Spanish woman who was spotted scavenging for food next to a market by Lianne, a friend of Ellen Sobry’s, was breastfeeding when she first met her. She realized at away that Vera had pups someplace.

After tending to Vera’s hurt leg, they returned to where she was discovered in the hope that she would guide them to her young.

When Vera started to move, they immediately walked in her wake. Miles were reached after feet had been measured in yards. Vera led them to a broken-down automobile next to an abandoned house about two kilometers later.

They saw Vera’s brood of 10 cute puppies as they glanced inside the car. Vera and her young were taken back to Sobry’s veterinary clinic, where the little group will recover together before being placed for adoption once they are in perfect condition.

Vera was miraculously saved by Sobry and Lianne, but it wouldn’t have been possible without her unwavering devotion and affection for the puppies.