On the snowy roads, the men drove around looking for the dog. They stopped when they saw a drain pipe with the end exposed. Once she heard them, she came running out of the pipe with her tail wagging.

The adorable blue-eyed dog knew that she and her puppies needed help and kindness. She wasn’t safe living in a cold, wet drainpipe with her litter of puppies.

Her rescuers then went to the opening of the drain pipe to check out the pups inside. Unlike their sweet mother, the pups greeted the men with growls and tiny barks, certainly afraid of them.

Inside the pipe they could see three scared puppies who had now moved far from the opening. They would have to think of something fast to get them out of there before it got dark for the night.

It wasn’t easy, one man had to go to the back of the pipe to stop them from going too far, but they finally rescued the adorable little puppies from their icy hiding place.

After removing all the cubs from the pipe, their mom happily met them, and they immediately started nursing.