When the employee arrived to the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, it was reported that a mother dog and her puppies were reportedly dying in a remote area.

His instincts told him to search in an abandoned warehouse, but he soon recognized that the immensity of the field made it unlikely that he would discover the puppies there.

It was evident that the furry family had been abandoned there and had gone without food or water for days when the man discovered a diseased mother dog and her sickly pups in a corner of a warehouse filled with discarded cement and sand bags.

When the rescuer approached, the 2-year-old dog began to shake.

Her health had deteriorated over time, so it was impossible for her to keep her puppies alive.

The guy noticed that both the mother dog and her puppies had developed serious ailments as a result of demodectic mange. After being brought to the shelter, the rescuer gave them therapeutic baths to get rid of parasites, allowing them to be adopted. The puppies will be put up for adoption following their recovery and rehabilitation.