Dogs are the most loyal creatures one can have on their side. When a dog loves its owner, it will go to any lengths to make sure they give their unconditional love to them. But sadly, one very adorable dog didn’t receive the love he gave to his human.

Dog waits outside owner’s house for weeks after he abandons him
A very loyal dog waited outside his owner’s home for two weeks without knowing that he had been abandoned by his human. But thankfully, the neighbors saw this poor dog and called in Everglades Angels Dog Rescue to take him in. The rescue team provided him with food, water, shelter, a full medical examination, and some much need TLC.

The dog was rescued by a shelter
The dog was also named Salvatore by the rescue team.

A for the dog shelter said: “Salvatore was left behind when his family moved away. He waited by his house, believing they would come back for him. Neighbors told us he was a good family pet, especially with their two children.” This makes the entire incident even sadder.

However, Salvatore was thrown into a completely new environment, which made it difficult for him to relax once he was rescued. 

The there of the rescue said that was sadness in Salvatore’s eyes and that an animal’s eyes can speak a lot’s eyes. Salvatore was nervous and aggressive when he was rescued initially. It took the team a lot of patience, love, and gratitude to get the dog to relax and feel comfortable.

Thankfully, though, there was a happy ending for Salvatore. After spending two months at the shelter, he was adopted by a loving home. The family lost their dog last year.

So it was a win-win situation for both the dog and the family.

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