Denise Casares of Hopkins County, Kentucky is a former horse trainer. She often cares for her neighbors’ horses when they are out of town and has developed a special bond with a handsome chestnut stallion named CD.

One Sunday in 2017, CD broke out of his enclosure and fell into a swimming pool when he stepped on the cover. As soon as Denise heard the news she rushed right over – still wearing her dress and high heels from church

Denise told WFIE News that CD – whom she lovingly calls “Bubba” – was abused by his former owner resulting in the loss of one eye. He had fallen into the deep end of the frigid pool, but somehow managed to get himself into the shallow end.

No one knows how long he was trapped beneath the cover before help arrived, but Denise estimates he would not have survived another hour.

Knowing that CD would trust her, Denise waded into the freezing water beside him. It took more than 30 minutes, but she was eventually able to pursuade him to walk out of the pool – a moment shown in the second part of a YouTube video shot by Robin Murray.

Both Denise and CD are doing well now that they have dried off and warmed up. The pool, however, did not fare so well. Denise says it will have to be replaced.

The fence that CD escaped through has been fixed.

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