Winnipeg truck driver Peter Douglas is well-seasoned when it comes to Canadian winters- so when the day started to turn harsh, he knew he’d be in for some trouble. The snow and ice began falling heavily and left him stranded on Highway 10, south of Brandon. He wasn’t going anywhere the rest of the evening, so he decided to sleep in his cab overnight and hope for better conditions in the morning. However, he awoke to an unexpected knock on the door.

Right outside he saw the face of a horse and the young woman that accompanied him. The 18-year-old woman, Eileen Eagle Bears, had been watching the highway on security cameras with her mother. They spotted the stranded truck driver – Douglas – just 3 miles from their home. Knowing conditions were extremely poor, Eagle Bears thought Douglas could use a little extra care. She gathered up Mr. Smudge, her horse, and arrived at the truck with a thermos full of hot coffee. Douglas was surprised to see her, surprised to see that someone was watching and that they cared and even more, surprised that Eagle Bears and Mr. Smudge returned later with another thermos full of stew and potatoes.

Douglas ended up being stranded on the highway for 28 hours. Thanks to Eagle Bears and Mr. Smudge, he was able to receive some much needed care. It would have felt twice as long to be stranded without any food or water. Douglas still has the thermoses and plans to give them back when he passes by Eagle Bear’s home again. He’s extremely grateful for the gesture and we have to commend Eagle Bears for taking Mr. Smudge the one-hour trip to deliver the food and water.

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