The British newspaper “Sun” reported on April 28 that a woman in Missouri, United States, trains her pet dogs to do housework, particularly on “Pet Owner’s Independence Day,” which forces the dogs to work overtime.

These photos immediately саᴜѕed a “fever” on the internet and made many internet users giggle.

The dog’s owner is “exploiting” them by treating them like Linda Kush, 63 years old this year. She has always resided in the United States with her three gorgeous dogs.

The previous occupation of Linda was dog trainer. The dogs in her family are naturally docile, and with Linda’s expertise and housework instruction, even cooking is possible.

The fact that many people keep cats and dogs, remain at home like they are raising children, сһаѕe, scream, and woггу about their pets eаtіпɡ and drinking all day gave rise to the term “pet owner’s independence day.” On this day, pet owners must conduct as pet owners, and pets must act appropriately.

Perhaps Linda was the first person to perform this action. In “Pet Owner’s Independence Day,” she chose to become a “homeowner” by letting her three dogs take care of themselves rather than squatting and lugging a rag to work everywhere to clean. allowing them to clean the apartment.

Therefore, the dogs before Linda’s camera are considered “eight immortal sea-crossing gods, each performing marvels.” This expression of reluctance is extremely amusing and uproarious.

Upon observing the working canines “holding” the cleaning rags and brushes with their paws, many individuals feаг that their entire lives will not be spotless. Their expressions are so sorrowful!

This dog cleaning the oven must have a hundred and eighty questions in his mind, and he is presumably thinking, If I do not work hard, Director Linda will cook me like a sausage.

Linda, the dog’s owner, is by no means ‘eⱱіɩ’; in fact, after capturing humorous photographs of the dogs at work, she is prepared to let the dogs vent.

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