A senior horse named Gidget only knew a lonely life. She hadn’t seen another animal or human in at least a decade. She lived 17 years with her owner, and when he became elderly, he could no longer give her the proper care she deserved. He managed to dump her oats down a chute. But that’s all he could do.

Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary, run by a kind woman named Jonell, was contacted by another rescue group regarding Gidget. The horse, who was 29 years old at the time, needed a happy place to spend her remaining years. When Gidget was brought to the sanctuary and walked off the trailer, her “eyes lit up.” She was thrilled to see other animals! Including humans!

Jonell figured that Gidget would seek companionship with other horses like her, but instead, she found an unlikely soulmate in a miniature horse named Peggy. Peg had also lived a lonely life; the two horses shared a common bond that would lead to their own little fairy “tail.” According to Jonell, “Gidget always purred in Peg’s presence.”

Jonesl understood that Gidget didn’t have long to live and made sure her final days were celebrated most beautifully. Peggy did too! Gidget’s video by GeoBeats is so touching (and posted below!). Enjoy!

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